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I don´t know if anyone of you actually cares but WHEEEEEE! All Beatles albums will be re-released digitally remastered. My chance to get those LPs I don´t have yet.

There´s more... with food... under the cut...

I don´t quite see how I made it till 25 without using a wok when cooking because
Clearly whoever invented this thing deserved to be pampered and praises, instead he or she carved their existence probably unlauded reaping rice or whatever it is unrecognized geniuses do. And I say that because I was to lazy to look up who invented the wok.

The great thing about it is not it´s fancy look but that you can throw in everything raw you find in your kitchen and within five minutes it´s edible. Not only that, unlike a normal pan the extrem heat and the form of the wok cook the things well without drying them out. All the moisture stays inside the food and it stays crisp.
Of course if you´re a bit like me you will want to choose the ingredients so that they´ll fit together a bit. You really don´t want to take vegetables from the can or out of the glass because they become squashy so fast (exceptions are bamboo and soy shoots which are fine as a conserve)

What you do, is basically chop all the vegetables you want. Red Peppers, small onions, courgettes, broccoli and the meat of your choice. Or well not... you obviously can use tofu if you like. I took turkey breast meat because I get a kilo of it in our local supermarket very cheap and fresh and I freeze it in three portions. The meat should be chopped into very small pieces, the vegetables can be a bit bigger.

First you pick the oil of your choice and put a good amount of it in the hot wok. Sesame, peanut, thistle or sunflower if it´s that what´s currently occupying the last corner of your fridge.
At first you put in all the onion-like stuff. Garlic, if you´ve choosen to use it, spring onions. I´ve also put in the fresh ingwer at that point which might have been a bit to early because it got quite crunchy. Stir three minutes at maximun and then take it all out again. Put in the vegetables in small portions after a short time, take it out again. Don´t spare with the oil, the stuff is only 1.50€ the litre.
Now, you know that you have to take out the food you´re currently frying when it starts steaming like mad. Don´t take it out when there´s a bit vapour. When there´s really a lot of steam that´s the point where you can see that there´s actually moisture inside the food and because you want it to stay there you take the food out of the wok. Some vegetables like broccoli need to stay in just a tiny bit longer.

After you´ve stir-fryed everything, you can go and make the actually sauce. Curry paste, herbes like fresh basil into the oil, then deglaze with plum wine. Some soy sauce for good measure and then put everything you fryed before into the wook and reheat it for, say, five minutes. Above you can see the result. It´s actually quite simple, the chopping might take up a bit time.

Fresh ingwer instead of ready made, powdered one makes all the difference really.

I used loose basmati rice (1 cup of rice, two cups of cold water and then put on medium heat for 20 minutes until the rice has soaked up all the water, stir sometimes in between) but you can also take jasmine rice or mie noodles which to my delight can be found in ordinary supermarkets nowadays.

And yum. THX bf for posing so lamely. Really, I swear he just doesn´t curl his face in delight because he´s a photographer and they HATE being photographed themselves.

I already have plans for the next wok menu and it includes crunchy peanut butter, lime and orange juice and an aubergine.

edit: Lol, I wrote "ingwer" instead of "ginger". I woke up this morning thinking "Wait that canĀ“t be right."

Date: 2009-04-08 09:35 pm (UTC)
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I need a wok some place to store a wok. This looks great.


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