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This is what I have to read for university.

Although there are still two plays and something of Willam Blake missing. One course wants us to read three novels and a 200 page reader. I haven´t counted the theoretic texts that are still switling aroung online somewhere. Like Gilles Deleuze "Cinema 1". But I´m okay with the workload although I have to ask for permission to hand in my Obama paper a month or so later than planned. And I can´t podfic. And now, this is what I actually ache to read:

One more thing which made me ridiculously happy:

I bought "Last Chance to See" and found the book on the top. Somebody in university had laid out a heap of books he wanted to give away near the cafeteria of the philosophic faculty and I took this one. That reminds me: I have a sorted out about thirty books I wanted to lay out in the city with little notes. They´re mostly my old children books but nothing I really want to keep. I´ll probably go to kindergardens and schools and put them near the bus stops or something and hope the kids won´t use them to build a campfire or throw them through church windows because that would be kind of counterproductive. Ah well. More people should give away books they don´t want anymore for free. Always brightens my day.
And a new second-hand book shop opened in the old town and it´s called "Isabelle and ..." well, I have forgotten the second name. Anyway, it looks really cozy.
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