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Jan. 1st, 2012 03:27 pm
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Dear people on the internet whom I have neglected so terribly,
I can't believe it's been nearly five months since I updated this place. I really do miss this and now as it's gray and cold over here I'll hopefully return more often. Fandomwise lots of things are going on what with me finally having caught up with all the episodes of the new doctor and the new Sherlock Holmes film being out but what I really miss is you guys. But it has been my fault of course, this new city has swallowed me.
London is as crazy as you'd think it would be but it's also kind of sweet and cosy from time to time.

When I came here at the beginning of September the group I traveled were put into a horribly anonymous worker's accommodation right outside London. It took ages to travel into town and we mostly were among ourselves didn't really meet any British people. My neighbour there was a cute Indian guy who I am still dating so everything is forgotten about the other one who very nearly broke my all-too-enthusiastic heart.
Still I wanted to get out of this place and mingle with real Londoners. After a six week ordeal of flat hunting with creepy landlords and tiny, overpriced places I found the most amazing house.
Advantages of living where I am now:
- there are two cats, three gerbils, three fish and plants, plants, plants
- it's near Greenwich park and from my window I can see the Canary Wharf sky line.
- my flat mates David and Lilly work at the palace for the Queen and in a theatre respectively
- I have the suspicion that I got the room because I outed myself as a Doctor Who fan when I first had a look at it and Lilly and I regularly geek out about the show
- it feels like a proper home and is not like a transitory thing
- we have a patio and the room is huge
So generally :))
I really love it here and I hope that I can afford staying here once my scholarship has run out. My boss said he's going to pay in January but things are really unstable and I can't really plan ahead. My lovely Indian often says that I shouldn't make huge plans because I'm bound to be disappointed and while I don't necessarily agree with that I can see where he's coming from.
I do love the work I'm doing here but for the last month when my producer was on holiday I've basically been sitting on my ass waiting so while I enjoy the exciting life of working in the arts I do like a bit of consistency as well. Working on a musical production is unlike any other thing I have done so far. It's mental, funny and exhausting and the team is so international I can consider myself tremendously lucky. We have people from Colombia, Italy, Mexico, the UK, Argentina, Poland - it's quite demanding to get things done with all these different ways of communicating and all the different temperaments. But most of the people I meet here are generally really kind and receptive. We have a good show and if we're lucky we might get it to the Edinburgh Fringe this summer which would is something I would never have thought about one year ago.
I can barely keep up with the amazing stuff that's on offer culturally. Just two weeks ago I was allowed to see the wonderful Peter Capaldi, he of The Thick Of It, in a stage adaption of The Ladykillers. Michael Sheen is on stage with Hamlet now but there's no way in hell a mere mortal like me is ever going to get tickets for that but just to know things like that are happening is kind of awesome. All the best museums are free, there are some great cinemas and the fringe scene is so vibrant. It's so very different from Germany where you basically only have publicly funded theatre and the fringe has no chance of evolving.
Granted, the food's a bit rubbish but you can't have everything and I can still cook if I take the time for it.
Oh yeah, and I started drinking my tea with milk now.
How are you holding up? And yes, I do have a guest couch in my room so let me know if you want to visit the London drizzle.
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