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I don´t know if anyone of you actually cares but WHEEEEEE! All Beatles albums will be re-released digitally remastered. My chance to get those LPs I don´t have yet.

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My very first LJ entry! Yay! Although I thought in my first entry I´d be posting my very first fic, I´ve got to share with the few people on my friend list why I am so thrilled at the moment.
Something not totally unexpected happened to me today. I went to the movies and watched a film which left me totally in aww. You´ve probably seen the film "Moulin Rouge". And even if you didnt like the quite slushy plot (which I of course savoured), you might have noticed that it´s basically one big musicvideo with endless music references, lyrics and great vocal achievements of the two leading actors, Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor.
So this evening I saw the film "Across the Universe" which featured over 30 Beatles songs. A loose story of young adults on their search for love and meaning in times of political agitation. And within it there are those wonderful Beatles songs which I know all by heart. Unfortunately this movie is not exactly main stream so we went to a "Filmkunstkino" and had a cinema hall, for us alone. This evening was just perfect.
Be prepared to let common narrative structures go and allow yourself to (also literally!) dive into a clever weave of sound. The actors sing very well, the songs are creatively arranged. I´m really enthralled. Also Bono, Salma Hayek and Joe Cocker have cute cameos.
So don´t miss it! Not very elaborated recommendation, but hey, I leave the reviews to those who are way more clever than I am.
For excellent House (´cos House is how I came here anyway) reviews for example visit End of the Thought process maintained by [ profile] bbarnett
I guess there are a lot of "very first"´s in this post and yet it feels good.


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