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I haven´t been to the cinema in weeks. The Boat that Rocked (mediocre but Emma Thompson and Ken Branagh) and Gran Torino(Clint Eastwood hilariously wonderful and tragic) were the last films I saw. I need a good recommendation though I´ve heard great things about Let the Right one In.
This Obama paper is driving me nuts. I need people to look over it because me+scientific English=no good.
And now on top of it all, I have to buy a new desktop Mac. It sure needs to be a G5 for all the video editing stuff to work and now I have to google my way through the different kinds of graphic cards that support at least three monitors and openGL 2.0 Can I please have cheap computer?!
But fandom makes me happy at the moment though it´s distracting as hell.
I´ve turned off LoudTwitter on LJ because it made so apparent that I don´t update my journal daily and it really looks ugly. I´m @cadeira if you want to follow me and need to know what I have for dinner.
Does someone of you need Dreamwidth invitation codes? Some were sent to me today.


May. 12th, 2009 05:40 pm
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My head is buzzing and whirring like a... whirring buzz. And I still manage to let myself be distracted by Twitter. But it´s a lovely technology. I wish more RL people I know would use it.
I´ve also shugged out 8 pages of my Obama paper in three days which doesn´t sound so much but it really feels like an accomplishment seeing as I have trying to avoid it for three months and I won´t be able to keep the dealine... which would have been today.
One younger female prof is actually controling whether we´ve read our texts via test exams. Like in school. If it wasn´t so annoying I´d laugh. Any other than that, everything´s fine.
Dollhouse keeps to be getting better and better. I´m at episode 9 now and get more and more fascinated by every passing minute.
House finale for me is this evening with pizza and wine.
Charity project looks good, seems like we´re starting today or tomorrow. We will set up an Creations for Donations place so if you would like to participate just look out for the communities. We´ll posting an announcement soon.
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It´s been exactly one month since I went from this cripple

to this baby. )

I got awesome post from America. )

And I got tagged. )
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Stephen Fry was stuck in an elevator and instead of wishing him free, people probably more wished themselves in there.
I, on the other hand am free of university for over a month after that last presentation on Obama today.

Oh and there´s a new movie coming that looks promising. Can you tell I manged to pass my film class with 1,7? I had to talk about Adaptation. A film with a story about a screen writer who has problems with turning a plotless book into a screen play and instead making it a story about a screen writer having problems adapting a rather plotless book into a screenplay. And no, that last sentence was no copy&paste error. It´s a great film though. By the same guy who wrote Being John Malkovich.

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Yesterday, I heard it as the thing first in the morning. It was still dark outside and I reached back to the radio switch with an irrational surge of worry. All that came through was "Feiern im ganzen Land." "...parties across the nation..." and then I let out a breath I didn´t know I was holding.

This doesn´t even affect me I found myself thinking, or does it? Germany is stil governed by a coalition that moves forward like a narcoleptic elephant. So why this awkward euphoria among all the people I met? And then the most extra-ordinary thing happened in the first class that day. We were talking about Adorno´s Enlightenment text, the structure of evil and antisemitism and violence as mislead projection processes of the subject, when my professor made a loop and started to talk about torture, Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo and how torture is trying to eliminate the subject´s sense of their own selves. Suddenly he became all quiet and said that hopefully this would all come to an end now. An eerie silence stretched out in the room and many people smiled to themselves. Until then I have never in my life actually seen Hope. It gave me goosebumps.
I know that this guy can´t change around everything that has gone wrong in the past eight years. I also know that the more hope is held up, the more it can be disappointed. But he embodies all the potential of America that has been kept unused over the course of the last years.
There´s more... and music. )


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