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I haven´t been to the cinema in weeks. The Boat that Rocked (mediocre but Emma Thompson and Ken Branagh) and Gran Torino(Clint Eastwood hilariously wonderful and tragic) were the last films I saw. I need a good recommendation though I´ve heard great things about Let the Right one In.
This Obama paper is driving me nuts. I need people to look over it because me+scientific English=no good.
And now on top of it all, I have to buy a new desktop Mac. It sure needs to be a G5 for all the video editing stuff to work and now I have to google my way through the different kinds of graphic cards that support at least three monitors and openGL 2.0 Can I please have cheap computer?!
But fandom makes me happy at the moment though it´s distracting as hell.
I´ve turned off LoudTwitter on LJ because it made so apparent that I don´t update my journal daily and it really looks ugly. I´m @cadeira if you want to follow me and need to know what I have for dinner.
Does someone of you need Dreamwidth invitation codes? Some were sent to me today.
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The director of the play I took part in last summer asked me if I wanted to be his assistant for his next play again. Wheee!
And I still have this term paper to write but I´ll probably ask for more time seeing as I have had this other slightly monstrous project and very inconveniently both deadlines are nearly at the same day. If you like to see what that´s about you can look under the cut.
Charity like whoa. )
I also did a meme. Look!
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Apr. 2nd, 2009 09:17 pm
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Damn! I just read the *asdaflkjh* biggest spoiler (which I´m not going to elaborate on of course!) for one of the next House episodes by accident. I could kick myself. It wasn´t here on LJ, so it came kinda unexpected. I´ll try brainwashing.

Anyway at least I saw a great video of how the House crew was sent into April, 1st.
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That´s right. For I missed the deadline to offer myself at Sweet Charity last time, it´s going to be my first time. I´ll offer two podfics and can´t wait to see whether actually anyone cares to bid on me.
I´ve already found one or two things I´d love to bid on myself but I´m a bit tight so I´ll have to settle on one item. Can´t wait to see what else is going to pop up in the offer as there are three more days to sign up for sale.
Their charity is RAINN.

Sell out: 21st Mar 2009 - 28th Mar 2009
Auction: 28th Mar 2009 - 1st Apr 2009
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It´s been exactly one month since I went from this cripple

to this baby. )

I got awesome post from America. )

And I got tagged. )
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Oh girls, I gots me a new fandom. See, this is what happens when your primary show goes into a pause - you become an unfaithful bitch.

Geeks Galore! )
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I shouldn´t be so excited, that Stephen´s going to publish a podcast on language tomorrow. I´m not even sure how I´m going to manage to restrain myself from reading the written blessay on the blog first.
I found a new podcast A Way with Words publishes hour long programs on words and writing. I loved it from the moment on where someone on the show suggested "podsnicker" as a word for those moments when you burst out laughing when you´re listening to something funny on your iPod.
I´m also seriously in need of some "podblushing"... where are the naughty podfics in my favorite fandoms lately?
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I don´t get all these weird distinctions when it comes to vegetarian nutrition. Why is there salmon allowed in my vegetarian wrap? If fish is allowed, doesn´t that spoil the whole idea of flesh-free nutrition? Or maybe I just believe that because I didn´t bother reading up on the topic properly...

Concerning the [ profile] get_house_laid fic I seriously intend to finish and post today...
I just erupted into a fit of laughter when I produced my First Bottle Of Lube Ever©.
It´s so clichéd but I think I managed to do it funny... I simply didn´t want to subject myself to the one unforgiveable mistake of omitting it entirely.
I´m surely not the first to wonder... is it okay when House doesn´t get laid but, you know, is the one who lays someone else? Anyway, surely that´s not the time for doubts, is it?
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Can´t you all (especially my favorite writers [with a looooong s]) stop posting fics for, like, three weeks so I can get through the "not read yet" folder which has over 60 entries now? Thank you! (And by that I mean you are all awesome!)

Also, [ profile] amplificathon challenge: It was huge fun and it´s going to end soon and although I wanted to record another H2G2 fic for the challenge I won´t hurry and take my time for it. Some participants had the idea to record dozens of drabbles to collect, idk, 80 points for all in all 15 minutes of recording or so. I don´t think it´s fair for a challenge because other people work very hard and long to record stories of half an hour length or more and get the same amount of points like the two minuters (is that even a word?). I hope next time (and I really hope that there will be a next time) they´ll improve the point system with some kind of time intersection or abandon it completely. Other than that? It was simply amazing.

Seeing that many people were incredibly happy with all the short podfics that popped up I have to admit and agree with them thar those pieces are a great chance for new readers to enter the world of podfics. It´s not necessarily my opinion because my first recording took me over a month and was over an hour long but everyone´s different in how to approach things - So okay, I say bring on the podficlets!

My podfics for the amplificathon challenge are to be found here:
Three podfics under the cut. )
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Some of you may know that I´m studying cultural studies which is basically nothing more than gaining the abilty of brooding about Life, the Universe and Everything all the time.
What do you mean by "I need a cut for your introduction."? )

As it turns out, fangirls are the plague... )

...but fanboys are, too. Only cuter with sunglasses and more productive. )

My two cents on other aspects of the latest episode of House. )

And in the end some further reading for those who are interested in TV theory:
John Fiske, Television Culture
Janet McCabe and Kim Akass, Quality TV - contemporary american television and beyond
Mark Bennett, TV Sets: Fantasy Blueprints of Classic TV Homes

This may be loaded with mistakes because I worked way too long on it. I apologize to everyone for that.


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