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I don´t know if anyone of you actually cares but WHEEEEEE! All Beatles albums will be re-released digitally remastered. My chance to get those LPs I don´t have yet.

There´s more... with food... under the cut...

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Now that the winter has arrived, there´s even more reason for abandoning a walk in the neighborhood for a good book. Isn´t it crazy, I had one centimetre ice on my car during daytime.
I´ve just finished listening to two books by Ben Elton (of whom Hugh Laurie once said that he discovered him as a serious actor - if that isn´t justification enough to listen to them).
I expected much of the books seeing as he is not only a productive but also pretty successful writer of novels and screenplays. Fortunately I wasn´t let down.
The first one was Inconceivable, his more or less autobiographical novel which dealt with an infertile couple and was later to be turned into the film Maybe Baby. The film amused with a great cast (Emma Thompson and Rowan Atkinson are always amazing), hilarious scenes and a really engaging emotional story.
But in case you´ve already watched the movie you probably won´t miss much with the book. The story is told entirely through the diary entries of Lucy and Sam. This idea works out quite well in the beginning where you get direct responses by both to everything that happens in their life. You really get into their relationship because you´re able to compare how differently both really see the situation of their infertility. Lucy´s desperation is even more affecting in that way. Unfortunately toward the end, where the outer action overtakes the inner conflicts this device completely fails to let the reader empathise with the whole solution of the situation.
The audiobook is still a lot of fun though because it´s being read by Emilia Fox and Hugh Laurie. And my favorite moment surely is, hearing Hugh Laurie complain about some abhorent doctor ("Great guts!"; later played by Atkinson) with the words "Stephen Fry would play him perfectly." I had a serious self-referential-loop-fangirl moment there. The audiobook also offers some good jokes about the BBC that were left out in the film.

The next book was hugely entertaining throughout. Past Mortem is a murder mystery that features a lot of cheesy 80´s music and a great plot. At first I had the feeling that the characters were somewhat stereotypical but I was lead on to believe this. As the story unfolds Ed Newsome, the New Scotland Yard Detective we are following as he is trying to track down a serial killer, and all the other characters: his co-workers, the suspects and friends become wonderfully quirky. Be warned though, some scenes are incredibly graphic, like ewwwww. But they fit perfectly into the whole thing. I knew who the killer was way before he or she was revealed but that doesn´t do harm to the book; it only makes you feel smart.

Speaking of Ben Elton:
Have today´s song themed.
We Will Rock You Musical - Fat Bottom Girls
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I was just looking up the release date of the movie (which is the 22th January in Germany btw.) and the status of the film in imdb has been changed from post-production to completed and now Stephen doesn´t appear in the cast listing anymore.
Eddie Izzard and Kenneth Branagh are still in but I´ve already seen them in trailers.
Stephen was the reason why I intended to watch the movie in the first place. I´m going to watch it anyway because of Tom Wilkinson (I can´t even find words to describe how much I value his acting qualities) and because Bryan Singer is the director and I´d love to see in what ways his pictures and his way of telling stories differs from the House episodes I´ve seen from him.
But still, no Stephen?

Have a song anyway:
The Faint - The Geeks Were Right
Man, this one starts and your legs start moving automatically.
badabum. badabum.
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In my first Television class ever I learned that the first male gay kiss on American television was "peformed" on the NBC sitcom Will&Grace. In addition to being a quite funny and witty show that exposes many of our shallow human desires which backfire and trait the ideals we try to hold up, Will&Grace did an extraordinary thing in their second season. For the first time in the history of American television two men kissed on-screen. Or maybe it wasn´t as extraordinary but long overdue? After all, there were two gay men among the main characters. So it was this kiss I was thinking about the other day after I had seen an episode of Blackadder:

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Yay! I made my first [ profile] audiography contribution, here. It´s just one of this communities you stumble across and wish you had found it long before and want to cuddle it to death and generally go to bed with it.
People give downloadlinks to songs based on a weekly given theme, sometimes the posts are short with only one or two songs and just one of two lines of comment. Other posts are so well thought out with a huge back story and description of the songs and why they mean so much to the poster. Hence the name of the community.
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Lucky day for House - Mix lovers!

So, I have this theory why last seaons episode titles appeared to be so dull and plain - this theory explains in a way why I think they weren´t.
Season 3 closed with a shot of House playing his new (although probably untuned) acoustic guitar. A symbol for a new beginning that´s taken up in the very beginning of the next season. The first shot of House in season 4 is he playing his snazzy rock guitar - I´m sure there´s a meaning to that.
I think most of the episode titles are also titles of more or less known songs. I´ve collected them in a zip-file for you.
So some might fit not as good as others but with some songs it feels like the writer´s MUST have had them in mind.
So this is kind of a mix and me trying to make a point at the same time. I´ve also linked some of the songs to YouTube videos.

Massive Lyrics posting under the cut! )

Here at megaupload.

The beautiful coverart was kindly provided by [ profile] bananacosmic .


(There´s a back, too.)
She told me the screenshots she used were made by [ profile] bluebear_74 and the "House"-font can be found here. (Which in my opinion would be worth a post on it´s own.)

Phew... what a graft! Now I´m kinda glad that the season had only 16 episodes.

I´d really like to know what you think about it. Do you think it´s way too farfetched?
Either way, I think that the guys who are responsible for songs in the show do a really great and consistent job.
Please Note: I´ve ripped most of the songs off of Youtube but not all.
I´d like to ask you to buy the music if you like it.

ETA: I´ve updated the link now! Sorry for the inconvenience!
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