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That´s right. For I missed the deadline to offer myself at Sweet Charity last time, it´s going to be my first time. I´ll offer two podfics and can´t wait to see whether actually anyone cares to bid on me.
I´ve already found one or two things I´d love to bid on myself but I´m a bit tight so I´ll have to settle on one item. Can´t wait to see what else is going to pop up in the offer as there are three more days to sign up for sale.
Their charity is RAINN.

Sell out: 21st Mar 2009 - 28th Mar 2009
Auction: 28th Mar 2009 - 1st Apr 2009
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First of all, I want to apologize to everyone of you who has been waiting for the sequels of this podfic. The end-passage was really tricky and the incredible [ profile] starlingthefool, who wrote the story, helped me a lot by shorting and editing the story so it fit around the music.

So, on to the lovely karaoke schmalz:

Podfic: Love Is A Battlefield
written by [ profile] starlingthefool. Comment here for the story!
read by [ profile] cadeira
Part 1: Here!
Part 2: Here!
Part 3: Here!
All Parts together as a .rar: Click!

The Soundtrack is here.
All files are uploaded at sendspace. Each part of the podfic is about 25 minutes long and has approximately the same amount of megs.

Please be so kind to buy the music if you like it!
This is the right post to comment if you liked the podfic. Huge apologies for mixing up AE and BE all the time, but you know, it´s my first podfic and nonetheless I´m proud of it.
Also, please tell me if the downloadlinks are outdated or visit the podfic over at the gorgeous podfic-archive and retrieve it there. Directlink to the podfic in this archive. Thanks to [ profile] cybel the podfic is available as iTunes audiobook at [ profile] podslash with a cute cover and all.
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Wooohoo! The Writer´s strike is over and I´m full of beans! I´m extraordinarily excited because I´ve just made my first podfic! Okay, I´ve started this one some time ago but I thought, if I can´t concentrate on university I might just as well do something productive! So here it is.

Title: Love Is A Battlefield
Author: [ profile] starlingthefool
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: R
You can find and comment on the wonderful story by [ profile] starlingthefool here.
(Expected) Three Parts in total. This one is 24 minutes and about 22 MB.
If you like it, 1. please tell me
2. watch out for the other parts including the soundtrack.

Click to download the podfic at sendspace!

Also, anybody who is capable of turning mp3-files into fancy itunes-audiobooks... eek... stop by if you want to!
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