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I shouldn´t be so excited, that Stephen´s going to publish a podcast on language tomorrow. I´m not even sure how I´m going to manage to restrain myself from reading the written blessay on the blog first.
I found a new podcast A Way with Words publishes hour long programs on words and writing. I loved it from the moment on where someone on the show suggested "podsnicker" as a word for those moments when you burst out laughing when you´re listening to something funny on your iPod.
I´m also seriously in need of some "podblushing"... where are the naughty podfics in my favorite fandoms lately?
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I´ve recorded two podfics of stories written by the incredibly talented author [ profile] magie_05 and intend to do more if she allows it.
The tone of both stories is rather ruminative and pondering; I´m such a sucker for characterization!sex in fics--both stories do that in an awe-inspiring way.

Concrete Elephants can be downloaded here.
Rating: R
Spoilers for 4x13
10 minutes, 4 MB

Stay can be downloaded here.
Rating: R
Spoilers: Dealing with the Season 4 Aftermath.
11 minutes, 5 MB

Please comment on the stories if you liked them.
C&C for the podfics are also highly welcomned!
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Can´t you all (especially my favorite writers [with a looooong s]) stop posting fics for, like, three weeks so I can get through the "not read yet" folder which has over 60 entries now? Thank you! (And by that I mean you are all awesome!)

Also, [ profile] amplificathon challenge: It was huge fun and it´s going to end soon and although I wanted to record another H2G2 fic for the challenge I won´t hurry and take my time for it. Some participants had the idea to record dozens of drabbles to collect, idk, 80 points for all in all 15 minutes of recording or so. I don´t think it´s fair for a challenge because other people work very hard and long to record stories of half an hour length or more and get the same amount of points like the two minuters (is that even a word?). I hope next time (and I really hope that there will be a next time) they´ll improve the point system with some kind of time intersection or abandon it completely. Other than that? It was simply amazing.

Seeing that many people were incredibly happy with all the short podfics that popped up I have to admit and agree with them thar those pieces are a great chance for new readers to enter the world of podfics. It´s not necessarily my opinion because my first recording took me over a month and was over an hour long but everyone´s different in how to approach things - So okay, I say bring on the podficlets!

My podfics for the amplificathon challenge are to be found here:
Three podfics under the cut. )


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