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Dilbert stripes are so cool.
I´m working part-time in a college facility I feel this way about. At least I´ve got litereally nothing to do than serving time and surf on the internet.
I need more sophisticated things to laugh about but it´s still about 10 days to the next House epiode.
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"Never say Never Again" must be the best Bond movie of all times or the worst... who knows?
Seriously, I watched it yesterday and it rocked so much.
There´s Klaus Maria Brandauer as the villain which I absolutely adored because his smile made him look good enough to eat every time. I really wished he had succeded with his evil evil plan, so I could see him smile just once more. And it means something because Bond was played by the one and only Bond ever, Sean Connery. Oh boy, where are all the appealing baddies gone? The last one I saw was Paul Bettany in Firewall. I liked him because Harrison Ford never had attracted me and couldn´t pull me to the good side and I have a thing for Bettany, too. What?! He´s a cute Brit! So I was biased.
Many people find this Bond film one of the worst ever and come to think of it, it´s really slow-paced, the role of the bad Bond Girl, Fatima Blush was just ridiculous. But the whole movie made me smile a lot. The jokes were just awesome, they used self-referential stereotypes over and over. I mean the Über-villain had a white Persian cat. Funny as fuck! So what other reason do I need to like it? Maybe this one:
It features ridiculously young Rowan Atkinson as nerdy spy aspirant who honestly doesn´t belong in there but again made me grin stupidly.

And speaking of Rowan Atkinson... try not to laugh at this. )
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Okay.... funny Comic! Here!
I am not even in the HP-Fandom but this made me smile a lot!
Okay, I´m the proud owner of ALL the HP-Audiobooks read by Stephen Fry now (Yes, you may envy me.) And am currently listening to CD 6 / (felt)254 but that doesn´t mean, you know, that I read fanfics of it... Whatever.

Stephen particularly annoys me when he´s doing that Hagrid-voice... Gosh! I´m trying to do a podfic here and this guy is just nauseatingly talented when it comes to narrating.


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