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I hinted at it in the last meme I filled out. I was in contact with a young film maker who planned to produce the second season of a web series called "Dämmerung" which you can watch here on the 3min web series portal. What can I say, I just returned from a ten day shooting, seven of which at the northern coast, East Friesland.

clapper girl
That´s right. That´s me. I was the script girl, the one with the clapperboard. Of course you don´t clap it anymore because we were shooting on digital video/hard disk and not on film, still you need someone to record the names of all the scenes. It´s vital for the postproduction so the cutter doesn´t get caught up in a mess of unnamed film material.

I just watched the entirety of the web series The Line because one of the guys on the shooting recommended it to me. Man, they were a bunch of film and computer nerds. I didn´t feel that much at home since the weeks in the theatre despite the facts that food was terribly monotonous, the shower water barely handwarm, the hours we shot incompatible with any occupational safety and health laws and the weather switching between freezing and windy or raining and muddy.
The people were mostly awesome, funny and could take much more alcohol than I did. I was happy when I didn´t barf after two tequila and two beer.

Oh my, it already took me six hours to catch up on my flist. I´m so glad House had a one week break when I was away.

How have all of you been?
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Stephen Fry was stuck in an elevator and instead of wishing him free, people probably more wished themselves in there.
I, on the other hand am free of university for over a month after that last presentation on Obama today.

Oh and there´s a new movie coming that looks promising. Can you tell I manged to pass my film class with 1,7? I had to talk about Adaptation. A film with a story about a screen writer who has problems with turning a plotless book into a screen play and instead making it a story about a screen writer having problems adapting a rather plotless book into a screenplay. And no, that last sentence was no copy&paste error. It´s a great film though. By the same guy who wrote Being John Malkovich.

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Guys, guys, guys!
This is my first post from my new shiny MacBook that arrived yesterday.
I feel like I´m clothing my nerdy baby doll getting all these fancy looking programmes that are so much simpler than on a PC.
I got an adapter too and now I can plug the Mac into my flatscreen TV and watch my downloads in HD. We tested it with Mamma Mia! yesterday.
I think this movie managed actually to be so awful that it was great. I cried when Meryl Streep sang 'The Winner takes it all'.

Other than that - something inexplicable made me watch the Golden Globes from 2 to 5 am just to see Hugh and House not win. But I was of course delighted by Ricky Gervais beer-drunk and Tina Fey´s internet flamer speech.
I think 'Slumdog Millionaire' deserved every price it got. It´s a very inventive and colourful movie with a simple story that doesn´t fail to involve the viewer into the spirit of India. I stopped watching 'Who wants to be a millionaire at the age of, idk, 17 and simply couldn´t be bothered by it any more. So I wasn´t much into the idea of watching a movie that has this show as a major plot point. I heard so many praises about it beforehand that I just gave it a try.
I had seen the film just hours before the Gala and would like to recommend it to you. (Let´s see if you guess the final question of the game too before it´s posed to Jamal.)
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I have watched Twilight and liked it. There. I said it. Now slap me.
Or better yet, watch it yourself and tell me what you think.
First of all, I have not read the novels and I don´t intend to do so because some things in the story are just plain silly. I´ve seen extracts and the language is gruesome. So this is just what I got from the film, alright?

There be spoilers. )
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I´m still sick with the flu but it´s getting better. What´s more I´m writing on a small story and seeing it come to life ever so slowly makes me fatuously happy.
I also watched Four Christmases with Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon online and it´s just as bad as Kermode made it sound. Puking babys are the funniest part of it. You really wanna watch it? JUST. DON´T.

Sooooo, this year, I can confidently assure was the year I read more fiction than ever before. I want to keep track of the stuff, so I´ll list it on my journal. It´s my sandbox and I can do in it whatever I please but feel free to join me!
Ladies, lay aside your books and tell me what you´ve read this year! (and please do include your audiobooks because they do count.)

Many books under this cut - like a meme, or something. )
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meme found at [ profile] karaokegal
This is the list of the top 100 grossing movies of all time. Bold what you've seen.
Blockbusters ahoy! )
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I was just looking up the release date of the movie (which is the 22th January in Germany btw.) and the status of the film in imdb has been changed from post-production to completed and now Stephen doesn´t appear in the cast listing anymore.
Eddie Izzard and Kenneth Branagh are still in but I´ve already seen them in trailers.
Stephen was the reason why I intended to watch the movie in the first place. I´m going to watch it anyway because of Tom Wilkinson (I can´t even find words to describe how much I value his acting qualities) and because Bryan Singer is the director and I´d love to see in what ways his pictures and his way of telling stories differs from the House episodes I´ve seen from him.
But still, no Stephen?

Have a song anyway:
The Faint - The Geeks Were Right
Man, this one starts and your legs start moving automatically.
badabum. badabum.
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Oh my, now Paul Newman´s gone, too.
Rest in peace, Butch Cassidy.

I just read one of the Goldman novels and he got me totally fooled into believing all that Florin stuff. Great author.
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"Never say Never Again" must be the best Bond movie of all times or the worst... who knows?
Seriously, I watched it yesterday and it rocked so much.
There´s Klaus Maria Brandauer as the villain which I absolutely adored because his smile made him look good enough to eat every time. I really wished he had succeded with his evil evil plan, so I could see him smile just once more. And it means something because Bond was played by the one and only Bond ever, Sean Connery. Oh boy, where are all the appealing baddies gone? The last one I saw was Paul Bettany in Firewall. I liked him because Harrison Ford never had attracted me and couldn´t pull me to the good side and I have a thing for Bettany, too. What?! He´s a cute Brit! So I was biased.
Many people find this Bond film one of the worst ever and come to think of it, it´s really slow-paced, the role of the bad Bond Girl, Fatima Blush was just ridiculous. But the whole movie made me smile a lot. The jokes were just awesome, they used self-referential stereotypes over and over. I mean the Über-villain had a white Persian cat. Funny as fuck! So what other reason do I need to like it? Maybe this one:
It features ridiculously young Rowan Atkinson as nerdy spy aspirant who honestly doesn´t belong in there but again made me grin stupidly.

And speaking of Rowan Atkinson... try not to laugh at this. )
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My very first LJ entry! Yay! Although I thought in my first entry I´d be posting my very first fic, I´ve got to share with the few people on my friend list why I am so thrilled at the moment.
Something not totally unexpected happened to me today. I went to the movies and watched a film which left me totally in aww. You´ve probably seen the film "Moulin Rouge". And even if you didnt like the quite slushy plot (which I of course savoured), you might have noticed that it´s basically one big musicvideo with endless music references, lyrics and great vocal achievements of the two leading actors, Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor.
So this evening I saw the film "Across the Universe" which featured over 30 Beatles songs. A loose story of young adults on their search for love and meaning in times of political agitation. And within it there are those wonderful Beatles songs which I know all by heart. Unfortunately this movie is not exactly main stream so we went to a "Filmkunstkino" and had a cinema hall, for us alone. This evening was just perfect.
Be prepared to let common narrative structures go and allow yourself to (also literally!) dive into a clever weave of sound. The actors sing very well, the songs are creatively arranged. I´m really enthralled. Also Bono, Salma Hayek and Joe Cocker have cute cameos.
So don´t miss it! Not very elaborated recommendation, but hey, I leave the reviews to those who are way more clever than I am.
For excellent House (´cos House is how I came here anyway) reviews for example visit End of the Thought process maintained by [ profile] bbarnett
I guess there are a lot of "very first"´s in this post and yet it feels good.
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