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I haven´t been to the cinema in weeks. The Boat that Rocked (mediocre but Emma Thompson and Ken Branagh) and Gran Torino(Clint Eastwood hilariously wonderful and tragic) were the last films I saw. I need a good recommendation though I´ve heard great things about Let the Right one In.
This Obama paper is driving me nuts. I need people to look over it because me+scientific English=no good.
And now on top of it all, I have to buy a new desktop Mac. It sure needs to be a G5 for all the video editing stuff to work and now I have to google my way through the different kinds of graphic cards that support at least three monitors and openGL 2.0 Can I please have cheap computer?!
But fandom makes me happy at the moment though it´s distracting as hell.
I´ve turned off LoudTwitter on LJ because it made so apparent that I don´t update my journal daily and it really looks ugly. I´m @cadeira if you want to follow me and need to know what I have for dinner.
Does someone of you need Dreamwidth invitation codes? Some were sent to me today.
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The director of the play I took part in last summer asked me if I wanted to be his assistant for his next play again. Wheee!
And I still have this term paper to write but I´ll probably ask for more time seeing as I have had this other slightly monstrous project and very inconveniently both deadlines are nearly at the same day. If you like to see what that´s about you can look under the cut.
Charity like whoa. )
I also did a meme. Look!
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I don´t know if anyone of you actually cares but WHEEEEEE! All Beatles albums will be re-released digitally remastered. My chance to get those LPs I don´t have yet.

There´s more... with food... under the cut...

Me + Ikea + new wok equals this )
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Is it a coincidence that my second-favorite twitterer and overall brainy and lovely ( in a fluffy, moist kind of a way) writer Stephen Fry comments on the death of former Big Brother inhabitant Jade and just one day before I got around starting to watch Dead Set? Here´s a trailer.
I loaded tons of stuff from the assistant director´s DVD collection onto my computer when we were shooting that mystery series two weeks ago. Among those films and series were some English productions, most notably "Lost in Austen" about a girl who gets sucked into the world of Jane Austen and the 2008 Zombie mini-series "Dead Set" which centers around some of the survivors of a zombie rampage. It´s wickedly funny as the set that´s dead is the British Big Brother house (of course social and TV critique ensues) but it´s also a quite gory little series which entertains me to no end.
That said and also to ease the pain of other impatient souls: German amazon buyer will probably have to wait till middle of June until Pride and Prejudice and Zombies will be shipped. How cruel is that?
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I have also time for this addictive browser game here.
What a tough last stage, man!

Have a fandomy song:
Harry and the Potters - Christmas at Hogwarts
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I´m not sure whether you can see it on this picture made by the crappiest webcam ever to be manufactured but the children outside my window are building snowmen.

I´m going out now with my dog, on my iPod the new film critique episode Mr Fry recommended. Have a nice start of winter you all!

And have a neodisco song:
!!! - Pardon My Freedom
So you don´t think I got all mushy because it´s snowing.

I´ve been out now and every year the first snow always makes me feel like a small child again. My dog and I were chasing each other through the untouched layer of sugary cold.
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Yay! New layout makes broody, thinky clouds go away. What do you think?

Also, I have better porn for all of you who are in need of it.
Nailing Your Wife

You might recognize the actor from Josh Whedon´s Dr. Horrible.
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I´ve mucking about with my journal layout all day long because in the old one the colours were so faint and everything was rather tiny. It may still look a bit odd over the next days and... does anyone know where I can get a shiny header graphic. I go nuts over here looking for one...
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And if someone ever tells me again that 'Eskimos have over twenty words for snow, you know?' to make some obscure point about cultures, I´m going to fetch something woody too. A club, preferably. There are so many things wrong with this myth.

edited for a link listing the various forms of snow - thank god there are people with a brain.

MacTla snow burgers
hahatla small packages of snow given as gag gifts
or even
fritla fried snow

Nerd Alarm!

Oct. 5th, 2008 05:02 pm
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I read a story the other day by [ profile] evila_elf, some kind of "Adult House&Wilson Click Adventure", I´d describe it for a lack of a better expression. You´ve surely seen it... huge fun. It reminded me of those great computer games of when I was a little nipper. Monkey Island, anyone? Oh, those were the days. My favorite has always been Broken Sword or Baphomets Fluch as it was called over here. A starchy American travelling the world to solve a mystery evolving around the temple knights.

You do remember George Stobbart, right? )


Sep. 22nd, 2008 01:44 pm
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This is ridiculous. I don´t even know that many people on LJ but anyway... Vanity overpowered me and I asked [ profile] theempress14 for the questions.

1. Next to each number, write only the name of the person who fits.
2. Answer one question with one name. (Sorry I was not as relentless as I should have been with that one.)
3. Don't tell the questions to anyone who isn't doing the meme.

Results are here.... )
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I don´t get all these weird distinctions when it comes to vegetarian nutrition. Why is there salmon allowed in my vegetarian wrap? If fish is allowed, doesn´t that spoil the whole idea of flesh-free nutrition? Or maybe I just believe that because I didn´t bother reading up on the topic properly...

Concerning the [ profile] get_house_laid fic I seriously intend to finish and post today...
I just erupted into a fit of laughter when I produced my First Bottle Of Lube Ever©.
It´s so clichéd but I think I managed to do it funny... I simply didn´t want to subject myself to the one unforgiveable mistake of omitting it entirely.
I´m surely not the first to wonder... is it okay when House doesn´t get laid but, you know, is the one who lays someone else? Anyway, surely that´s not the time for doubts, is it?
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From [ profile] triedunture

When you see this, quote Douglas Adams in your journal.

I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.

And )
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I don´t look like I´m twelve. Or do I? )
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"Never say Never Again" must be the best Bond movie of all times or the worst... who knows?
Seriously, I watched it yesterday and it rocked so much.
There´s Klaus Maria Brandauer as the villain which I absolutely adored because his smile made him look good enough to eat every time. I really wished he had succeded with his evil evil plan, so I could see him smile just once more. And it means something because Bond was played by the one and only Bond ever, Sean Connery. Oh boy, where are all the appealing baddies gone? The last one I saw was Paul Bettany in Firewall. I liked him because Harrison Ford never had attracted me and couldn´t pull me to the good side and I have a thing for Bettany, too. What?! He´s a cute Brit! So I was biased.
Many people find this Bond film one of the worst ever and come to think of it, it´s really slow-paced, the role of the bad Bond Girl, Fatima Blush was just ridiculous. But the whole movie made me smile a lot. The jokes were just awesome, they used self-referential stereotypes over and over. I mean the Über-villain had a white Persian cat. Funny as fuck! So what other reason do I need to like it? Maybe this one:
It features ridiculously young Rowan Atkinson as nerdy spy aspirant who honestly doesn´t belong in there but again made me grin stupidly.

And speaking of Rowan Atkinson... try not to laugh at this. )
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Okay.... funny Comic! Here!
I am not even in the HP-Fandom but this made me smile a lot!
Okay, I´m the proud owner of ALL the HP-Audiobooks read by Stephen Fry now (Yes, you may envy me.) And am currently listening to CD 6 / (felt)254 but that doesn´t mean, you know, that I read fanfics of it... Whatever.

Stephen particularly annoys me when he´s doing that Hagrid-voice... Gosh! I´m trying to do a podfic here and this guy is just nauseatingly talented when it comes to narrating.

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