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The director of the play I took part in last summer asked me if I wanted to be his assistant for his next play again. Wheee!
And I still have this term paper to write but I´ll probably ask for more time seeing as I have had this other slightly monstrous project and very inconveniently both deadlines are nearly at the same day. If you like to see what that´s about you can look under the cut.
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I also did a meme. Look!
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Apr. 2nd, 2009 09:17 pm
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Damn! I just read the *asdaflkjh* biggest spoiler (which I´m not going to elaborate on of course!) for one of the next House episodes by accident. I could kick myself. It wasn´t here on LJ, so it came kinda unexpected. I´ll try brainwashing.

Anyway at least I saw a great video of how the House crew was sent into April, 1st.
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Guys, guys, guys!
This is my first post from my new shiny MacBook that arrived yesterday.
I feel like I´m clothing my nerdy baby doll getting all these fancy looking programmes that are so much simpler than on a PC.
I got an adapter too and now I can plug the Mac into my flatscreen TV and watch my downloads in HD. We tested it with Mamma Mia! yesterday.
I think this movie managed actually to be so awful that it was great. I cried when Meryl Streep sang 'The Winner takes it all'.

Other than that - something inexplicable made me watch the Golden Globes from 2 to 5 am just to see Hugh and House not win. But I was of course delighted by Ricky Gervais beer-drunk and Tina Fey´s internet flamer speech.
I think 'Slumdog Millionaire' deserved every price it got. It´s a very inventive and colourful movie with a simple story that doesn´t fail to involve the viewer into the spirit of India. I stopped watching 'Who wants to be a millionaire at the age of, idk, 17 and simply couldn´t be bothered by it any more. So I wasn´t much into the idea of watching a movie that has this show as a major plot point. I heard so many praises about it beforehand that I just gave it a try.
I had seen the film just hours before the Gala and would like to recommend it to you. (Let´s see if you guess the final question of the game too before it´s posed to Jamal.)
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Behind Closed Doors
Written for [ profile] get_house_laid
Prompt: 241. "What the hell did we just do?"
Pairings: House/Wilson, House/Kutner (Oh, I know you want to give it a shot because Kutner is <3)
Wordcount: 2547
Summary: Doors do not always hold pleasant surprises for Wilson. But for House they obviously do.
Warnings: Silent sexings and clichéd misuse of medical supply closets and season 4-ish spoilery ongoings. I´m deeply grateful to [ profile] muhsilisk who beta´d main parts of this in no time and threatened me with Stephen King if I didn´t cut out some of the dead wood. Also, [ profile] triedunture´s liveblogging last night inspired me to actually finally finish this story. It´s no good pretending to write it some time later when there´s a convenient deadline to set up some pressure. Thanks to my f-list for cheering and chats about salmon!

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I´ve recorded two podfics of stories written by the incredibly talented author [ profile] magie_05 and intend to do more if she allows it.
The tone of both stories is rather ruminative and pondering; I´m such a sucker for characterization!sex in fics--both stories do that in an awe-inspiring way.

Concrete Elephants can be downloaded here.
Rating: R
Spoilers for 4x13
10 minutes, 4 MB

Stay can be downloaded here.
Rating: R
Spoilers: Dealing with the Season 4 Aftermath.
11 minutes, 5 MB

Please comment on the stories if you liked them.
C&C for the podfics are also highly welcomned!
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Fandom: House, M.D.
Pairing: House&Wilson
Words: around 347
Comment: [ profile] topaz_eyes has invited to an excellent flashfic writing exercise here at [ profile] housefic_meta. And this is my small contribution:

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Lucky day for House - Mix lovers!

So, I have this theory why last seaons episode titles appeared to be so dull and plain - this theory explains in a way why I think they weren´t.
Season 3 closed with a shot of House playing his new (although probably untuned) acoustic guitar. A symbol for a new beginning that´s taken up in the very beginning of the next season. The first shot of House in season 4 is he playing his snazzy rock guitar - I´m sure there´s a meaning to that.
I think most of the episode titles are also titles of more or less known songs. I´ve collected them in a zip-file for you.
So some might fit not as good as others but with some songs it feels like the writer´s MUST have had them in mind.
So this is kind of a mix and me trying to make a point at the same time. I´ve also linked some of the songs to YouTube videos.

Massive Lyrics posting under the cut! )

Here at megaupload.

The beautiful coverart was kindly provided by [ profile] bananacosmic .


(There´s a back, too.)
She told me the screenshots she used were made by [ profile] bluebear_74 and the "House"-font can be found here. (Which in my opinion would be worth a post on it´s own.)

Phew... what a graft! Now I´m kinda glad that the season had only 16 episodes.

I´d really like to know what you think about it. Do you think it´s way too farfetched?
Either way, I think that the guys who are responsible for songs in the show do a really great and consistent job.
Please Note: I´ve ripped most of the songs off of Youtube but not all.
I´d like to ask you to buy the music if you like it.

ETA: I´ve updated the link now! Sorry for the inconvenience!
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Can´t you all (especially my favorite writers [with a looooong s]) stop posting fics for, like, three weeks so I can get through the "not read yet" folder which has over 60 entries now? Thank you! (And by that I mean you are all awesome!)

Also, [ profile] amplificathon challenge: It was huge fun and it´s going to end soon and although I wanted to record another H2G2 fic for the challenge I won´t hurry and take my time for it. Some participants had the idea to record dozens of drabbles to collect, idk, 80 points for all in all 15 minutes of recording or so. I don´t think it´s fair for a challenge because other people work very hard and long to record stories of half an hour length or more and get the same amount of points like the two minuters (is that even a word?). I hope next time (and I really hope that there will be a next time) they´ll improve the point system with some kind of time intersection or abandon it completely. Other than that? It was simply amazing.

Seeing that many people were incredibly happy with all the short podfics that popped up I have to admit and agree with them thar those pieces are a great chance for new readers to enter the world of podfics. It´s not necessarily my opinion because my first recording took me over a month and was over an hour long but everyone´s different in how to approach things - So okay, I say bring on the podficlets!

My podfics for the amplificathon challenge are to be found here:
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Some of you may know that I´m studying cultural studies which is basically nothing more than gaining the abilty of brooding about Life, the Universe and Everything all the time.
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As it turns out, fangirls are the plague... )

...but fanboys are, too. Only cuter with sunglasses and more productive. )

My two cents on other aspects of the latest episode of House. )

And in the end some further reading for those who are interested in TV theory:
John Fiske, Television Culture
Janet McCabe and Kim Akass, Quality TV - contemporary american television and beyond
Mark Bennett, TV Sets: Fantasy Blueprints of Classic TV Homes

This may be loaded with mistakes because I worked way too long on it. I apologize to everyone for that.
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First of all, I want to apologize to everyone of you who has been waiting for the sequels of this podfic. The end-passage was really tricky and the incredible [ profile] starlingthefool, who wrote the story, helped me a lot by shorting and editing the story so it fit around the music.

So, on to the lovely karaoke schmalz:

Podfic: Love Is A Battlefield
written by [ profile] starlingthefool. Comment here for the story!
read by [ profile] cadeira
Part 1: Here!
Part 2: Here!
Part 3: Here!
All Parts together as a .rar: Click!

The Soundtrack is here.
All files are uploaded at sendspace. Each part of the podfic is about 25 minutes long and has approximately the same amount of megs.

Please be so kind to buy the music if you like it!
This is the right post to comment if you liked the podfic. Huge apologies for mixing up AE and BE all the time, but you know, it´s my first podfic and nonetheless I´m proud of it.
Also, please tell me if the downloadlinks are outdated or visit the podfic over at the gorgeous podfic-archive and retrieve it there. Directlink to the podfic in this archive. Thanks to [ profile] cybel the podfic is available as iTunes audiobook at [ profile] podslash with a cute cover and all.
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Wooohoo! The Writer´s strike is over and I´m full of beans! I´m extraordinarily excited because I´ve just made my first podfic! Okay, I´ve started this one some time ago but I thought, if I can´t concentrate on university I might just as well do something productive! So here it is.

Title: Love Is A Battlefield
Author: [ profile] starlingthefool
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: R
You can find and comment on the wonderful story by [ profile] starlingthefool here.
(Expected) Three Parts in total. This one is 24 minutes and about 22 MB.
If you like it, 1. please tell me
2. watch out for the other parts including the soundtrack.

Click to download the podfic at sendspace!

Also, anybody who is capable of turning mp3-files into fancy itunes-audiobooks... eek... stop by if you want to!
Crossposted to house_wilson and house_podfic.
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This is a missing scene from the season 4 opener "Alone".
Disclaimer: I do not own House and if it wasn´t Hugh Laurie impersonating him I wouldn´t even have the wish that this was different. Just fun, no gain intended.
Comments and critique are very welcome. Seriously!

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